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It is essential for mechanics to have the most important tools and equipment. This will help them to do their repairs and auto detailing fast and well. Some of automotive tools they will need in their tool boxes include, pliers, wrenches, ratchets, specialty tools, power tools, scan tools, car lifts, and more. Below are some of the best selling car tools that will certainly meet your automotive repair needs and allow you to work efficiently:

1. Battery Tender 021-0123 Junior 12V Charger

This product is not like any ordinary trickle charger or other auto tools charger. It somehow has a brain of its own with its 4-step charging feature, programmed to optimize battery power and at the same time prevent overcharging. It switches to float or maintenance mode when your battery is full. Your safety is ensured as well during lead connection since it is spark proof and reverse polarity protected. A very convenient tool – compact, lightweight, easy to use, fully automated, leaving you with nothing to worry about and have a fully charged car, ready to go whenever you need it.

2. ArmorAll AA255 Utility Wet/Dry Vacuum

With a 2.5 gallon storage, 6-foot hose and 2 HP powerful motor, you can easily clean up your shop or garage and anywhere around the house. Steer clear of dirt and debris with its ample suction power, pickup up all things whether wet or dry. It also has a blower function perfect for thorough cleaning and drying of grilles and wheels. It has an auto shut off feature that prevents overflow, and comes with a 10-foot cord, reusable cloth filter and foam sleeve, and detailed brush.

3. Campbell Hausfeld Tire Inflator, MP6000

A tire inflation gun, chuck and gauge autotools altogether in a singe unit. It has a clip on design for convenient hands-free chuck use and comes with a flexible hose. The gauge has a 10-150 psi range. It is equipped with a relief valve ideal for over-inflated tires. This product will save you money in the long run, extending the life of your tires and most of all, ensures your safety as you drive.

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