Performance Parts for Cars – Mufflers, Spark Plugs, Filters & More

Find some of today’s best selling performance parts for cars including K&N air filter cleaner, Denso platinum spark plug, mufflers and more.

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Best Selling Performance Parts for Cars

Aftermarket suppliers excel in providing up-to-date and top quality parts accessories for modification of your vehicle. These items have the ability to increase the performance of the car’s engine. This increases the engine’s life and renders it more reliable and tough. Following are top parts you can find in the market today:

Performance Exhaust System

  • Following are some of the best-selling mufflers today for car:
  • Dual Electronics BP1204 12 inch illumiNITE High Performance Studio Enclosed Car Subwoofers with 1,100 Watts of Peak Power.
  • DC Sport EX-5016 Stainless Steel Round Muffler and Slant Cut Exhaust Tip.
  • MegaBrand N1 4″ Burnt Tip Muffler Exhaust 2.5″ Inlet Universal
  • DC Sports Stainless Steel Universal Exhaust Muffler Inlet 2.5″ Outlet 3.5″ EX-5010

Other Parts to Help Your Car Perform Better

AEM (30-4110) UEGO Air/Fuel Ratio Gauge

The UEGO gauge comes with a digital LED display and a sweeping needle which changes color as per the AFR, it changes color from rich to lean. It has a gauge housing to ensure that it fits in many gauges, it can thus be mounted from virtually any place. Adding this performance is advantageous since it gives the engine’s controller better speed and accuracy.

K & N 99-5000 Aerosol Recharger Filter Care Service Kit

This is a recharge kit which contains a K&N air filter cleaner. It restores air flow efficiency and ensures that your K&N will perform just like it is new. This product specifically features 6.5 oz. air filter oil and 12 oz. filter cleaner. It will prevent dirt from entering the engine. It therefore works to dissolve dust build up in the engine for a better engine performance.

Denso (4504) PK20TT Platinum TT Spark Plug

The Denso platinum plugs will make an effective performance part. It has a high quality platinum-titanium enhanced plug that ensures that it is durable and long lusting. The platinum alloy features a 1.1 mm fine wire with Titanium enhanced 1.5 mm fine wire. These plugs have an ability to significantly increase the vehicle’s horsepower.

Superchips 3872 Flashpaq tuner for jeep gas engine

This is among the most widely installed performance auto parts, it changes your engines default parameters. Due to this modification, these superchips ensure that the engine is able to deliver fuel efficiently and at specific intervals of time. This Flashpaq tuner for jeep comes with innovative jeep specified calibrations. It will therefore enhance better performance on bumpy roads and rough terrain for a jeep.

Learn More: Buy all the above performance supplies and more at amazon. The parts listed as well as brake kits and cold air intake parts will increase your engine performance. You may get free shipping on some items. Get one of these aftermarket parts for long-term engine maintenance and a more enjoyable ride.