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Check out some of the best selling car exterior accessories that people buy today for their autos.

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Best Selling Car Exterior Accessories

People shop for all sorts of exterior car accessories, including bumpers, roof racks, side steps, cargo carriers, bike racks, mirrors, lights, and more. Other automotive exterior accessories you can buy are trailer hitches, grille guards, bull bars, running boards, as well as tonneau covers. See below some of the popular categories people buy.

Waterproof Vehicle Car Rear View Backup Camera

The tiny camera provides a rear view of 170 degree. It helps you keep track of the vehicles behind you or thieves who dismantle car parts from behind. Additionally, it comes with very clear instructions that help in installing it to the car. It comes also with long connecting cables that provide one with spare for the extra meters not used. Finally, it produces high quality pictures both at night and daytime.

Allen Sports Deluxe 2-Bike Trunk Mount Rack

The rack helps carry a bike with a car without the two coming into contact. It has a patented design that facilitates its quick setup on the back of minivans, sedans, and hatchbacks among other cars. There are two side straps that provide lateral stability to the rack. The bicycle is very secure even when at speeds of about 80 km/hr. It neither makes lateral movements not does it bounce. When not in use, it is easy to dismantle the rack and keep it safe inside your car. The only disadvantage is that the bikes have to be held high up while mounting them on the rack. Lifting bikes is strenuous and not all persons have the body strength to lift them. Also, contact occurs between the car and bike if it a full size or big bike.

Pro Series 63153 60” x 24 Hitch Mounted Cargo Carrier

The carrier is very large and can accommodate several items as you embark on a summer holiday. It is easy to assemble its parts and mount it on the car. Besides being strong and durable, it also has a negligible impact on fuel consumption.

HopKins 2610XM Super Extender 52 Snow broom

The snow broom is of help during the snow and ice winter season. Its wide blades clear away snow with less effort and strokes. They can push the deepest and wettest snow away from your car. It has a telescopic handle that can adjust to fit their height. The T-shape, however, makes the snow broom heavy at the top and hard to stow away. In addition, the horizontal scrapper cannot clean curved surfaces.

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